Simplify My Meds

How does the Simplify My Meds program work?


One week before your scheduled pick-up or delivery, the pharmacist will contact you. We will conduct a monthly consultation to see how you are feeling, review your prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, as well as look for ways to SAVE you money on your medications. We will review your order and call your physician if you need a refill.

Your order will be ready for pick-up or delivery on your scheduled day…Your Meds Simplified!

How do I enroll in the Simplify My Meds program?

Follow These Easy Steps!

1. Make an appointment with one of our staff members to enroll in the program.

2. Bring all of your prescriptions, as well as your vitamins or supplements, to the appointment.

3. Together we will review your medications and establish your refill date.

4. We will provide you and your physician(s) a summary of your drug list.

What if I am not a patient of Poole's Pharmacy?

Not A Problem!

Simply call us today or bring in your prescriptions, and we will take care of transferring everything to our Simplify My Meds program.